For thousands of years the people of the Andes have made offerings to the Inca gods. The richness of this mystic land and its bounty holds true wealth, ancient wisdom, and luxurious fibres. At Amano, we build on these past treasures with our collection of contemporary and luxurious yarns, rooted in the rich depths of Andean tradition. Amano® is luxury in its purest expression. Find an Andean tale in each strand, each fibre gift from the Inca gods. Taste the Andes with Amano.

We find our inspiration in the natural gifts of the Peruvian Andes brings. The Andes is infamous for its alpacas, and its where we create, develop and produce our yarns with decades of experience and great pride.

The Andes is also the homeland of an ancient textile culture with colourful patterns and countless tales woven into each thread. We call it: A gift from the Inca gods.

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