Malabrigo started small, when two brothers-in-law started dyeing wool in a kitchen pot back in 2005. After achieving good results, they started selling a few skeins to the US and, before they knew it, they had quickly grown to other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. To keep up with this growth, they needed to relocate to larger facilities and hire more employees.

More recently the company has moved all production to Peru, keeping the laboratory in Montevideo expressly for product development.

Malabrigo employs mostly women of all ages, and always tries to give job opportunities to people that have fewer opportunities than the average individual.

Environmental statement; in the mill at Peru, we use as few chemicals as possible. We reduce the quantity of water used by systematizing the order of colours we dye everyday, meeting Oeko-Tex 1907/2006 CE standards, with a view to achieving the maximum energy saving.

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