BC Garn

BC Garn was established in 1972 as a family company by Bo Carstensen. He must have absorbed the passion for yarns from when he was very little, because his mother was a weaver and his father was a rug wool trader. Her mother had already started having her own yarns produced for her as she could not the kinds of yarns and colors she needed for her projects. 

Today BC Garn develops a number of hand and machine knitting yarns. Always made of natural fibres, often organic, partly GOTS certified.

In spring 2018 Bo and Marianna retired and handed over their "baby" to Britta and Carsten Kremke. What a coincidence that their first names suited the company name so well that they could keep the brand name BC Garn. Britta knits since she was 8 years old (in her mother's yarn store) and at the age of 21 she was Germanys youngest yarn store owner. Her husband has a degree in business engineering and works as a marketing consultant. A great symbiosis to foster and further develop the brand in the spirit of the original founders.

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